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Waʻa Earrings

Waʻa Earrings

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Without the waʻa (the canoe), there would be no Hawaiian people.  

The canoe allowed the ancient Polynesian voyagers to travel over thousands of miles to find Hawaiʻi, the most isolated islands in the world.

The Waʻa Earrings pay tribute to the waʻa (canoe) with a style of cord twisting reminiscent of the aho (cordage) or lashings that bind the kaʻele (hull), ʻiako (outrigger boom) and the ama (outrigger) together.

  • Waxed linen cord is twisted and wrapped wound a mother of pearl outline
  • Accented with a freshwater white or Tahitian keshi pearl
  • 14k gold filled earwire
  • Handcrafted in Hawaii
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