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Piko Holo Necklace

Piko Holo Necklace

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Made in a similar style to the way that traditional kaula or cordage was made, the Piko Holo Necklace is adjustable due to the slip knot closures at the neck and chest.

Kaula (string) was originally made from several materials such as coconut husk fibers, the bark of the Hau tree and Olonā, which is said to have been one of the strongest and finest ropes.

By twisting waxed linen a tight woven thread is created and paired with Hawaiian cone shells found by the designer in Hawaiian waters.  

  • Adjustable length and style
  • Gender neutral - for Kāne or Wāhine
  • All natural base materials
  • Handcrafted in Hawaii - please allow 1-3 days for production

Please note, shells and pearls are a natural items and may vary slightly from         pictured

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