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Holoholo Hoop Earrings

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I originally created the concept for these concentric hoop earrings for a very special customer.

In fact...she was my very first customer and my biggest fan.....my mother!!

As an accomplished fashion designer, she was always ahead of the trends and had her own unique style. She absolutely adored big statement earrings and requested something special for her birthday about 10 years ago.  One day I was surfing and was watching the ripple reflections dance across the ocean's sandy bottom. And the idea was born.  Back then, I didn't know how to solder gold filled wire....in fact..... I couldn't find anyone that was doing it and even my instructor at the Academy of Arts didn't know how.  So, my initial design was just twisted wire hoops.

Long story, short... when my mom passed away late last year, I got all her jewelry back and I was amazed at the evolution of my style and skills over the past 10 years. And believe me.... she had everything I ever made!!


I'm absolutely loving this evolution of design and am so thankful I re-created this design in her honor.


Rest in Aloha............Sherry Holt Reese   11/28/44-11/22/17