hawaiian puka shell choker necklace
hawaiian puka shell choker necklace
hawaiian puka shell choker necklace

Puka Liʻi Choker

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The Puka Nui and Puka Li'i chokers are a modern and sophisticated approach to a timeless classic Puka Shell necklace.

8 authentic natural Hawaiian Puka Shells ( 1 for each of the 8 main Hawaiian islands) are paired with 14k gold filled saucers and beads and mounted in a 14k gold filled chain.


Approximately 18" or 45cm long.

Puka or hole ( in Hawaiian ) refers to the hole that is eventually formed in the beach worn apex of various cone shells found on the beaches in Hawaii. 

There are 34 species of cones shells in Hawaii, so the colours and even patterns will vary form shell to shell. 

Although Puka Shell necklaces have been revered and appreciated in Hawaii since the 1960's,

Cult icons and celebrities in the 1970's made Puka Shell necklaces the "it" item to have.  

Prices went as high as $1000 for authentic Puka Shell necklaces thanks to the likes of Shaun Cassidy, Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley.

In the late 1970's Hawaiian prints and puka shells could be seen on catwalks and in the trendiest stores.


Puka Shells became so trendy and pricey that imitation shells were even made from plastic.