Taking Back Summer

Taking Back Summer

Itʻs hard to believe that 1/2 of 2020 has already slipped by...all apparently while we were quarantining.

For me, the days went by relatively quickly despite trying to navigate this "new normal". 

I became primary caregiver to my granddaughter when COVID-19 forced the school closures. Had to brush up on my 3rd grade math and grammar, and found the days went much more smoothly if I made a weekly schedule.  Including not only distance learning, but also recess, lunch, snacks, outdoor time, creative times and chores, of course. 

Donʻt get me wrong....I love and appreciate this time with my granchildren, but I seriously look forward to my "free time".  In some ways itʻs so much more challenging at my age to be a full time caregiver, but I have a lot more time to spare and A LOT more patience than when I was raising my boys. 

Now that restrictions have loosen up, and weʻve learned more about how COVID is affecting our community, it time to TAKE BACK SUMMER!!!!

I did my first market since early February and despite the uncertainty about protocols re:hand sanitizing/masks/social distancing...it felt so good to actually be around happy people again. 

And all those that attended the Aloha Home Market this past Sunday were definitely ready to do some shopping and support all the local vendors.



Mahalo to everyone that stopped by my booth and helped to brighten my day.  I saw repeat customers and added new 21ºN babes to the ohana!! 

A HUGE mahalo to all that chose to purchase an item from me.  I put so much thought into what I create, how I create it and how I present it to you. I got amazing feedback on my booth and the presentation  - it takes forever to set up, but I think the environment helps to support my collections. 

The launch of my new KAUWELA collection got an inspiring response and I will have the entire collection up on the website very soon!!

Click on the link below for a glimpse of the new collection.



XO ~ Brooke 


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