May Newsletter

May Newsletter

2020 brought about a sort of evolution both personally and culturally.   
I used the year to soak up as much information as I could.  I read numerous books, learned so many new skills and mustʻve taken 100 courses and webinars. 
One of the greatest things I did was participate in the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancementʻs Kūhana Cohort.  Kūhana not only offered valuable business strategies and foundational building blocks, it also taught me how to truly view my business through Kānaka Maoli (indigenous Hawaiian) eyes, and to realize how that benefits Hawaiʻi as a whole.
Ultimately, what I learned is that the essence of me is my Hawaiian cultural values and that it is imperative to always instill those values into my business practice.


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I look at my jewelry as an extension of me....

Each piece, no matter how simple, is instilled with deep intentions and most have a moʻolelo or story behind it. The reason I created this piece or the inspiration that its derived from play and important role in the story.

A painter paints their inspiration, whereas my hands create my inspiration.

Both tangible pieces or art....except you can wear my "painting"



images by Helene Delillo Photography

Mahalo to these beautiful Kānaka Wāhine:

Momi Tolentino, Heather Sanchez, Nohea Vaughan-Darval

MUAH: Mariah Melanie

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