Kuleana Mask Chains

Kuleana Mask Chains

Kuleana.... a uniquely Hawaiian value, loosely translates to "responsibility".

The word kuleana refers to a reciprocal relationship between the person doing the action and the thing they are responsible for.   

Whether one believes in wearing a mask or not.....the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world we live in. 

Personally, I hate wearing a mask!!!

I sweat and feel it's difficult to breathe..... but currently in Hawaii, masks are mandated in places of business, public settings and in places that social distancing is not possible.  

On top of the mandated reasons for wearing a masks, I believe it's a social kuleana to protect those around us.....I wear a mask to protect you and I hope that you'd wear one to do the same.... a mutual respect for our responsibility towards eachother.

Never in a million years did I think that "mask chains" would be a thing....but I found it incredible irritating to pull my mask in and out of my purse or tuck it into my bra strap as I ran from store to store. 

So....I created a mask chain for myself as the ones I saw on the market were TOO LONG and I didn't like my mask hanging at my belly.  I believe the chain should ideally be long enough to remove the mask with ease, but short enough that you can keep the mask closed and therefore more sanitary. 

Featuring triple gold plated chain and clasp and can also be worn as a necklace.

$38 each or all 3 for $100

as always - free standard shipping in the US

the masks pictured below are by Vermilli Hawaii and are my faves...lightweight and comfortable - click on their name for link - 

black face mask with shell mask chain

shell mask chain


cheetah print face mask with gold mask chain

gold mask chain



face mask with gold mask chain with plumeria flowers

plumeria mask chain




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