I got it from my mama......

I got it from my mama......

I grew up playing with scraps of Hawaiian print fabric that were strewn about beneath my mom's cutting table......occasionally getting pricked by the random fallen sewing pin.

Watching mom concentrating on her patterns pinned on the mannequin forms....the afternoon sun shining through her golden hair.

My mom, Sherry Holt graduated from the University of Hawaii and was driven to pursue her dreams as a fashion designer.  Her first job was as designer at Lauhala Sportswear, specialising in modern feminine patterns from classic Hawaiian prints.  

lauhala sportswear advertisement  

In the mid 1970's, She went on to start her own company called Sunshine Hawaii.  She was at the forefront of a Hawaiian movement and brought "aloha shirts" and Hawaiian prints into the mainstream apparel business.

sunshine hawaii logo

Not only did Sunshine Hawaii have prime locations at local Hawaii shops such as: Liberty House, McInerny's and San Francisco Rag Shop.... she made a huge splash on the US mainland being featured in Women's Wear Daily, the L.A. Times and having her clothing in department stores like Macy's, The Broadway and I.Magnin's just to name a few.

sunshine hawaii advertisement  sunshine hawaii for liberty house advertisement


sunshine hawaii advertisement  sunshine hawaii advertisement  sunshine hawaii on the fashion catwalk

Sherry Holt also designed patterns for McCall's & Simplicity and later went on to design for the Beach Boys and Magic Johnson for Converse. She even ventured into the Western wear arena creating High Desert and Desert West, totally modernising Western wear for women, often weaving Hawaiian inspired prints into her designs.

Unlike many of todays "designers", my mom was a true master of form, insisting on designing her own patterns for a real fit. 

She was an artist and created her own prints and even designed prints for aloha shirts for Patagonia and Quiksilver.

She was a true visionary, always ahead of her time, my creative inspiration and my first muse....

love you always......rest in aloha ...Sherry Louise Haynie Holt-Reese


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