Getting through "staying at home"

Getting through "staying at home"

In unprecedented times, how do we stay creative or motivated?

Everyone has different techniques or activities that they love to do and that keeps them centered through every day life.  But in these exceptionally challenging times, is this enough?

My jewelry making usually keeps me very centered as the creativity frees my mind and quenches that artistic thirst. 

I've been finding it abnormally challenging to get motivated to create over the past 9 weeks.  Funny just writing that seems crazy.... 9 WEEKS we've been under "stay at home" orders in Hawaii.  Next month, we move to "safer at home" orders until who knows when.

Life has been completely disrupted and we are all trying to find our "new normal". I've become caregiver and teacher for my granddaughter since my son and his girlfriend are essential employees. As challenging as this new normal may be at times, I really had to stop and think what a blessing this shared time is with my granddaughter.

I believe we should be thinking this way.... what positive memories can we be making and how can we take this opportunity to grow and learn?

I'm closing with a few links and or ideas that helped me expand my mind and feel great during this pandemic.


* Google has launched a partnership with museums around the world.

You can now have a private visit to MOMA in NYC, the Palace of Versailles in Paris, The Brittish Fashion Council in London or you can even visit POW WOW Hawaii and check out all the street art in Kaka'ako on Oahu.

I'll admit, it's not the same as experiencing something firsthand, but maybe this link will encourage you to visit somewhere unexpected when we are able to travel again.


* I'm not usually a huge fan of podcasts as I enjoy music while I exercise or work.

But out of a familiar curiosity (I became friends with them when I worked for Volcom - Pepper was under the Volcom Entertainment label), I started listening to the Rebel and Muse podcast that Kaleo & Melanie Wassman created. Both originally from the Big Island of Hawaii, Kaleo is the lead guitarist, singer and song writer from Pepper as well as a producer. Mel is a yogini, Reiki Master and a bit of a "green witch" recently using her naturopathy education to start Spell Botanicals. She also shares the same birthday that I do - Happy birthday fellow May baby gemini!!

Have a listen to their fun, witty and inspiring podcast


*  There's nothing like a great facial..... We can great a great, and inexpensive one right at home.

I first tried the Aztec Secret Clay Mask about 3 decades ago.  My friend Megan worked at Down to Earth health food store and swore by it.  Just add a little apple cider vinegar,  mix it up and spread it evenly on your face. Within a few minutes, you'll feel it tingle a bit, then just wash it off 10-20 minutes later.  This product is all natural, costs less than $10 and 1 container will last a long time. 

I like to support LOCAL - so I buy it from my local health market, but it is available all over the internet.




most of all........Breathe

XO  brooke








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