2020: A year to remember or a year to forget

2020: A year to remember or a year to forget

photo by Helene Delillo

Hindsight may be 20:20.....but I think many people would rather forget 2020.
Itʻs been a tumultuous year for SO MANY reasons!!
Although Iʻve faced some of the biggest challenges Iʻve ever had to deal with...it’s also been a year of refocusing, pivoting and really working towards my goals. Iʻve taken advantage of free courses offered by the @oahubacktowork program and received a certificate in Web Design. I also did a social media marketing class as well as numerous workshops through the DBEDT and other platforms.  Itʻs been a year of gathering my resources and soaking up all the information I possibly could.
Itʻs been a year of deep reconnection with my Hawaiian culture - although Iʻve always had a strong connection, Iʻve learned that we need to take more life principles from the ancient Hawaiians.
Although there are many concepts - these are the few that I choose to focus on:
Aloha Aina • care for the land and it will provide for you.
We need food security and we need to grow more of our own food and take only what we need.
Kuleana • we all have a responsibility and a shared responsibility to each other
Moʻokūʻauhau • oneʻs genealogy or the source of their inherited mana, skills or talents
My jewelry business, 21 Degrees North,has been fortunate to participate in both @popupmakeke and the @madeinhawaiifestival virtual markets,as well as the @alohahomemarket. As well as be represented in @kawaiola, @shopsmallhawaii and @honolulumagazine through promotions etc.

Iʻm also super proud to announce that I have been accepted into the CNHAʻs Kūhana Business Cohort starting next month. Iʻm sure Iʻll learn so much to help me grow and expand my business.

I love creating ocean inspired jewelry and will continue to do that and hope to offer more categories into my brand and eventually include a collaboration of sorts with my motherʻs fashion designs and artwork.

so....farewell 2020 and CHEERS to 2021!!!

Wishing everyone peace, happiness, health and prosperity.


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