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Ulu Maxi Necklace

Ulu Maxi Necklace

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Beautiful Peridot beads strung pololei style (straight through) with a gold vermeil tusk charm make this stunning Ulu Maxi Necklace

Ulu means to grow in the Hawaiian language and our archipelago is continuing to grow.  The Hawaiian islands are home to Kīlauea, one of the worldʻs most active volcanoes and Mauna Loa, the worldʻs largest active volcano. 

Both of which are currently erupting!! (as of 12/5/2022)

  • This necklace measures approximately 32" long (including the charm)
  • Peridot or Olivene  is a volcanic glass and is often said to be tears from the Hawaiian goddess Pele
  • Perfect to wear by itself or layered as shown here
  • 14k gold filled clasp
  • Handcrafted in Hawaii
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