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Poerava Stud Earrings

Poerava Stud Earrings

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If pearls can be compared to women, the keshi pearl would be any womanʻs favorite!

Each with different size, shape color and lustre and perfectly beautiful and unique.

The Poerava Stud Earrings are elegant yet simple, minimal and classic.

  • Featuring authentic Tahitian Keshi pearls ranging in size from 9-12mm
  • Bezel-mounted on a 14k gf back with 14k gold post and 14k gold/silicone clutch backing
  • 14k gold filled is 1/20th its weight in pure 14k gold and contains no nickel!!
  • Sourced only from pearl farms that use sustainable farming methods
Pearls are a natural gem and size, shape and color may vary slightly from pictured
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