The Story of 21ºN Jewellery

I am a part Hawaiian island wahine, born and raised on the island of Oahu. The daughter of a glassblower and a fashion designer….I was raised with art in my blood and my mother was my first muse...

A lifetime ocean-lover, surfer, paddler and beachcomber, I started creating ocean inspired jewelry about 20 years ago, first, just as a hobby and activity to quell a full time quest for creativity in my daily life. 

It was when I moved to Australia that I desired to make jewelry more full time.

21º North Jewellery was born in 2016 shortly after a series of life changing events.

Paying homage to my culture and birthplace, 21ºN is the approximate geographic latitude of Oahu and the epi-center of my creativity. 

I try to create collections that have deeper meaning and real KAUNA behind them.  My jewelry is handcrafted by my own hands and not mass produced.  I believe in slow fashion and trying to be unique in a very saturated market. 

I believe women are like pearls....every one of us is a different size, shape, color with imperfections and two exactly alike.  So why would you ever wear mass produced jewelry?

Now living between my island home on Oahu, Hawaii and Australia, I find inspiration in the colorful tropical world I live in and the diversity of the ocean that connects us. 

XO - brooke