Tahitian pearl and Hawaiian puka shell bangle set
tahitian pearl and hawaiian puka shell bangle set of 2

Hawaiki Bangle Set

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The Hawaiki Bangle Set features a luscious 8-10mm authentic Tahitian black pearl on a 14 gauge sterling silver or 14k gold filled bangle, plus a second bangle adorned with authentic Hawaiian puka shells. 

Pearls were once referred to as "The gem of royalty" because of their beauty and rarity.  If pearls were the gem of royalty, then Tahitian pearls are the gem of goddesses!!!

Pearls are considered a nurturing gem and can help women to connect with their "inner Goddess" and harness the ultimate "feminine energy".

Tahitian pearls are normally referred to as "black" pearls, and can range in color from white to dark black.  They usually have undertones or overtones of green, pink, blue, silver and yellow.  Although most pearls have some human intervention, they are the only certified gem created by an animal.  

Because of this, no two pearls will ever be exactly alike and have naturally occurring blemishes.

The photo above is a stock photo and pearls used in jewellery will vary slightly.

  • The following is standard bangle sizing based on circumference
  • We can custom size any bangle from size 10-27


Small = size 15-16 ( 60-61mm)

Medium = size 17-18 (63-65mm)

Large = size 19-20 (66-68mm)

Xlarge = size 21-22 (69-71mm)