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Mahalo Piha Kanaka Economy Development Alliance

kanakaeconomy.org/blog/21-degrees-north-designs YOU AND YOUR OHANA   What is your name? Brooke Holt Pennell Where were you raised? I was raised between Honolulu and Mākaha. Where is your ohana originally from? On my dadʻs side, Hilo, Mākaha, Nuʻuanu, and Kāhala. On my motherʻs side, California. Do you come from a family of entrepreneurs or have people close to you who have encouraged and supported your entrepreneurship? My parents were both artists and entrepreneurs. My father was a glassblower and has a Masters Degree from UH in Fine Arts. He also had a small chain of gourmet deep dish pizza restaurants in the the Bay Area, as well as co-founding Mauna Kea Baking Company. My mother graduated from UH, was a fashion...

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"Black Friday"

In the United States, we all know about "Black Friday"....the deals, the HUGE sales, the long lines of shoppers.........in general retail mayhem. Even though, this year "Black Friday" will look very different from years past, I've never been a fan of "Black Friday" in general and I will choose to call any and all promotions I do on Thanksgiving weekend, Pōmaika'i (good fortune or blessings). I worked in retail management for many years, so I ALWAYS worked on "Black Friday". For me, Black Friday meant long hours prepping the store for the crazy weekend, standing on my feet for 8-10 hours a day dealing with hundreds of customers now irritated from lack of parking spaces to get into the mall and excessively...

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